Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to bring back the "New Document -> Empty Document" menu in Gnome 3

Long time ago, the Gnome developers removed the right-click menu entry "New Document -> Empty Document" in Nautilus (the file browser). The solution to fix this is easy therefore it seemed not necessary to post it.
However, last week a friend told me that he hates Gnome 3 so much and as I asked why, one of the reasons was that this menu entry is gone.
So here is the solution (so that you start to love Gnome 3!):

  1. Create a folder called "Templates" directly into your $HOME directory if it does not exist
  2. Put a empty text file in there and name it "Textfile" (or anything else)
  3. Do a right click anywhere and be delighted with seeing "New Document -> Textfile"

The cool thing on this approach is that you can put any file with any content into the Templates directory.
Eg. you can put a template python script in there with the headers and scaffolding already in place, or a presentation with the company branding already applied... anything! Its universal!

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